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SERVICES:     Forensic Building Inspection

We Offer Forensic Building Inspections for ALL Single and Multi-Family Residential Buildings. Commercial Buildings as well as many Industrial Environments. We are available for any project from conception and early design stages, through the management and construction stages and for the the term of useful life projected for the building. Forensic Building Inspections allows the owner to determine what is Currently Occurring, Why Buildings, Components or Systems are or could be failing and give a projected expectation of concerns that could possibly be expected to fail with the building throughout it's useful life based on information derived from the Forensic Building Inspections

The Forensic Building Inspections:  Begin with a consultation with the client(s) to listen and understand the concerns and facts as the owner(s) sees them. Our Team consists of Licensed and Experienced General Contractor, Architect, Structural Engineers, HVAC Contractor, Electrical Contractor and Water Intrusion and Mold Specialist and a Construction Attorney. 

As we begin to develop an understanding of our clients concerns and interest, we conduct site and building evaluations and start a determination process that eventually leads to the development of a Forensic Building Inspections conclusion and report. Within that process, a project scope will be defined and Architectural Drawings, Specifications and a Generic Cost Analysis can also be included for additional fees above the Forensic Building Inspection fee..

Upon site visit and during the Forensic Building Inspection, we will require certain areas of the building to be opened and additional specialty trades and equipment may be required. All Invasive work required, Supplemental Trades and Equipment, Licensing and Permitting will be at the Owners Expense. WE PROVIDE NO REPAIR, REPLACEMENT OR RESTORATION SERVICE OR GUARANTEE'S OF ANY KIND WITH OUR FORENSIC BUILDING INSPECTIONS. Together with the Owner(s) we develop a strategic Exploratory and Demolition plan that upon execution, will determine the cause and corrective measures required to correct the problems and reconstruct the Building Damages.

What we provide is a Diverse, Licensed and Experienced Team of Industry Professionals that will find the problems, cause and effect of the issues our client(s) are dealing with and provide Value Services with Directions and Solutions for Correction, Repair and/or Replacement actions.

We've provided some really interesting and detailed Thermal Imaging Examples below from Fluke Industries. The resolution will work with any setting from low resolution screens to very high High Definition monitors. So click the the "Full Screen View" and enjoy. We know find a lot of information that just may parallel your own Forensic Building Failures and Concerns. Orlando Forensic Building Inspections...the name to know! 

We are available for Service Including, Travel Anywhere on the East Coast of  the United States.


Forensic Building Inspections

The name to know is:

Gordy Haynes, Orlando General Contractor providing Forensic Building Inspections

Also specializing in  Project Management, New Construction, Orlando Kitchen Remodel, Orlando Home Addition, Design and Project Consulting and The Best Forensic Building Inspections around.

We Provide Value Forensic Building Inspections For All The Eastern United States From Florida To New York.

Specializing In Forensic Building Inspections For All Types Of Buildings And Construction Environments

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Forensic Building Inspections